In order to help shippers make better informed decisions and help them to minimize or even remove their costs of detention (i.e. container rent) & demurrage (i.e. quay rent), we would like to share our following top tips that we hope you will find worthwhile:

  1. Check your free time with carrier – while you think it’s common sense, it’s not always common practice, particularly for shipments arranged / controlled by the supplier that the importer doesn’t know about;
  2. Update vessel ETA – always check and update the ETA vessel for shipments 7 days before the recommended ETA, so you can plan your containers for the future;
  3. Negotiate free-time terms with the carrier – if you are the freight payer, it is important that you negotiate free-time terms with your carrier in accordance with the requirements of your consignees, which may include intermodal detention options;
  4. Consider transport by carrier – one choice is to book your transport through the shipping line and allow them to select the best intermodal route to deliver your container in a timely manner;
  5. Port-centric logistics – it may be helpful to intercept, move and cross dock the products from your containers at or near the port, especially during peak or heavy consignments.
  6. Off-port storage-it may be worth considering transferring the container to an off-port warehouse as possible buffer depending on how much it costs; should your inland facility not be able to receives the container immediately;
  7. Select proactive agent – it is important that you choose reliable, proactive agent to handle interaction flows efficiently and get all the “ducks in row” before you arrive on the vessel;
  8. Choose specialty agent – it is especially important to pick an agent with experts and industry know-how to handle your products and avoid delays which might entail costs, when you deal with specialist commodities such as foodstuff which may require examination and speed clearance.

We use our Best Intent to help shippers make Better Informed Decisions.

We hope that by sharing this post we will further help shippers to reduce their Detention & Demurrage costs and should you have any further top tips, we’d love to hear from you.