Wrapped For Best Protection

Blanket wrap freight shipping fragile items or Blanket wrap freight services, also referenced to as pad wrapping services, refers to the operation of wrapping dense pads around goods to protect them during delivery. Blanket covered freight is usually carried on air trucks, providing extra shock absorbing protection and extra care for fragile and/or prone items. This customized service actually protects your items from the standard impact of loading, travelling and unloading.

Specialized transport options such as pad cover / blanket wrap transportation services have an additional layer of protection to guarantee that your fragile package in good condition when reached its destination.

Benefits Of Blanket Wrapped Shipping

As well as their soft, cushioning properties that help protect your shipment, blankets and pads also offer many advantages for carriers. For blanket wrap shipping carriers, they are a preferred packaging material because they:

Is conveniently stackable during shipping, take up less space, can also be used in as many wraps as necessary to ensure maximum cargo safety, is reusable without consideration of unnecessary waste, and are an economical option compared to crating and customized packaging.
Pad wrap and blanket cover shipping services provide the level of care needed to ensure secure shipment of your distribution and meet your location in excellent shape.

Items best suited for blanket or pad wrap transportation include:

  • Vulnerable Electronics and Devices, think about computer equipment or medical devices and devices-whichever may be sensitive to wobbles, shocks or knocks.
  • Fragile robots and construction equipment – complex moving parts machinery that requires additional protection against jostling or pinging. Commercial cooling and restaurant appliances-large, bulky items that require additional padding and protection against damage and dents.
  • Trade Show and Exhibits – if it has to look good and you want to protect it and make a high risk impacts impression Fixtures, Furniture and Complicated Goods-including general merchandise equipment, hotel furniture, casino gaming devices, fitness equipment, residential and hotel furniture, and even household goods such as mirrors, glass, pottery or the precious antique candlestick of family.

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