Reliable and accurate, On-Time Product Delivery and Instant Access to Product Status

World-class handling of your products storage inventory, Competitive pricing for all your warehousing requirments in KSA and Egypt. Using the best software in the field of distribution and logistics scanning technology, you can track all your shipments electronically and get physical locations at all times as well. 24/7 access availability to the status of your products.

High Sanitation Standards

Depend on the highest cleanning standards at all of our warehouses when doing business with Sailors Shipping. A dedicated cleaning crew keeps every warehouse tidy, clean, and in order, while ensuring the most efficient yet simple processes possible.

Public Warehousing

Storge your products in the cities near your customers in Saudi Arabia in any of our strategically located warehouses in the kingdom. Warehousing your products close to major ports and dry ports, highways and your clients makes it easy to distribute your inventory to its destination efficiently and on time. Simplify your inventory logistics by using one and reliable warehouse/distribution provider to supply all of your Saudi customers. We are ready to work!


Contract Warehousing

Contract warehousing is the idle solution when you have large volumes of products moving through Saudi Arabia. Your warehouse will be set up and managed exclusively for your products. Your products will be stored and processed to your specifications. You have the benefit of our systems and expertise to manage your warehouse space, labor, and all related costs to be within industry standards, and ensure your products are delivered to your customers on-time.

Grocery Distribution

We have control over best food-grade controlled facilities, dry/ambient facilities. Food manufacturers find us especially easy to work with because of our grocery specialization. We have processes suited to the unique needs of food and grocery distribution and logistics. Your products can be tracked, traced, re-routed and distributed in our easy developed logistics process

Request a quote or contact us today to learn how to get your products on your customer’s shelves in the kingdom on time, and at a competitive price as well. You will receive a custom proposal prepared to fullfill your distribution requirements with rates guaranteed for 12 months.