Sailor Shipping Logistics Export & Consolidation service is a complete solution for your requirements for export coordination and transport.

International companies export goods that require an extensive domestic network of reliable logistics partner. From monitoring regional pickups at manufacturing or retailer sites to consolidating on sea containers at any of our nationwide sites, Sailor Shipping can use intermodal transport services to ensure timely delivery to most ports around the world. Sailor Shipping Logistics has a highly qualified container specification team with expert knowledge of export laws, assembly and packaging activities.

Together with our global network of destination offices and agents throughout the world, we are connected and linked to innovative technology to protect your freight and cargo operations.

Consolidation Main Features

  • Pick up and store numerous part orders for domestic or overseas customers from various vendor / manufacturer sites.
  • Sailor Shipping Network offers versatility and adjustment to volume shifts, pick-up sites, or transportation mode.
  • Orders will be assembled for consolidated export at our local facilities.
  • The tightest security measures The highest level of service performance for consolidation.
  • Long-term or short-term warehousing in KSA and Egypt.
  • Sailor Shipping will transport by air or sea service to the designated port for shipping.
  • Sailor Shipping can create schedule to guarantee your delivery dates with vendors, manufacturers and any interested parties.
  • Global exporters and buyers from abroad can monitor deliveries to stay up-to-date with each payment.
  • Customer-specific consolidations can differ in volume or sea conditions.

We are always offering the best service in our customers best interests and now we provide the most reliable advanced service in Saudi Arabia and Egypt, which is our marine freight consolidation connection from the Middle and Far East to Europe and the KSA directly from port to port.

Sailor Shipping Consolidation service provides the following to our clients:

  • Loading from source in our own stores by our officers.
  • Optimized for the best and fastest carrier selection.
  • We offer services directly and weekly.
  • Rapid unloading at the port within 48 hours from the arrival of the ship through a well-trained staff in our shop.
  • Documentation (assist / issue on behalf of the customer all shipping documents and secure the export license.