Freight Insurance Made Simple

For contrast to the regular carrier scheme, freight coverage provides additional cover. Standard carrier proposals generally cover only blanket amounts and do not adjust to the value of your cargo. Blanket sums can be a fixed rate or a sliding scale calculated on a percentage of dollars to pounds. An individual plan can provide coverage for your shipment’s full value to help you avoid the burden of proving responsibility if any damage occurs. If your delivery is important, coverage simply provides the peace of mind of knowing that you are safe. Claims between the insurance company and the consignee are handled directly.

Carriers Liablity

Any cargo shipment you make comes with limited coverage of liability. The level of coverage depends on the type of commodity and is determined by the carrier. The restricted exposure includes a certain amount of dollars per pound of freight that can provide less protection than the freight’s actual value.

The carrier must be responsible for the damaged or lost freight in order to make a valid claim of negligence. If damage is caused by inadequate packaging, loading errors, or weather-related instances, the carrier is not liable for the damage, or at fault. Furthermore, any damage must be noted on the receipt of delivery, or the carrier will immediately deny liability.

Speaking with a Freight Dealer is best practice for discussing the specifics of your delivery and the freight insurance coverage requirements. A Freight Agent can give you recommendations on how to proceed and inform you about what is insurable under our insurance provider, Falvey Insurance. You can therefore rest assured that you will be covered in this unfortunate event.

These are some examples of items that are insurable:

  • Non-complete.
  • Kayaks, canoes, etc.
  • TV’s – packed properly or in the original box.
  • Tablets – Packed properly or in the original box.
  • Crated fragile objects-glass, pottery, marble, tile (as long as it is crated).
  • Consumer products from domestic delivery.

These items are still not insurable:

  • Cell phones.
  • Ships and yachts.
  • Household goods and residential personal effects.
  • Fragile products such as glass, acrylic, marble, pottery, quartz, tiles and other related breakables must be properly wrapped-as shown by the collection of pre-shipment photographs or qualified wrapping facilities-or as a guide for protection of new original supplier packaging.

We understand that trusting a firm with your freight can be challenging. Provide extra thought for your next delivery when buying supplementary freight coverage. Falvey offered insurance when you book with us your freight delivery. Shipping coverage provided by Sailor Shipping brings the trouble out of planning your next delivery. Having your own freight coverage helps you with extra stress and job–just let us do all the paperwork for you!

The shipping industry has reduced its transport liabilities to the extent where compensation is pennies on the dollar for lost or damaged freight.

Sailor Shipping has teamed up with best field insurance groups to provide freight insurance to cover shippers against physical loss or damage and offers a better option than relying solely on a carrier’s coverage of liability. In short, freight coverage helps reduce the risks associated with the shipping process so that you can sell more intelligently and remain competitive.

Benefits of freight insurance include:

  • Claims typically paid within 30 days
  • Pays to repair or replace the cargo whether or not the carrier is found liable

Many restrictions apply, of course; Your agent for the Sailor Shipping account will give you a complete explanation of Trade’s freight coverage.