Sailor Shipping provides truckload cargo services for small and enterprise business level, supply chains and government entities throughout the Saudi Arabia and the whole arab world. We arrange and work on international shipments as well. Starting with matching your truckload with the right vehicle and our competitive FTL freight rates all the way to delivery, our expert team of truckload FTL freight shipping will work on it and will be covered from A to Z whether you require the capacity of a full or part of a truckload.

Truckload freight shipping & Supply chain logistics

Land Equipments

Through our huge network which consists thousands of carriers, we have access to a full range of equipment types including flatbeds, reefer trailers, reefer trailers, enclosed trailers, double drop trailers, RGNs, step decks, as well as stretch trailers that will be the solution for oversized truck freight.


Benefits of truckload shipping

Truckload cargo shipping is best chosen when a freight shipment exceeds 2500 to 5000 kilograms, depending on the commodity. This shipping service is also ideal for unpackaged commodities which may require climate control,  refrigeration, flatbeds or any special accommodation for oversize or overweight cargos. Truckload freight shipping is not the least expensive transport choice, but its considered faster than LTL freight shipment because it requires no truck transfers (e.g., No unloading & reloading required).

Are you familiar with Truckload shipping?

Dry Van Trailer
A Dry van carrier is best matched when you are transporting normal package without freight service that has no special instructions or specified requirements.

Truckload Refrigerated Freight
When you require to refrigerated shipping, frozen, or temperature-sensitive items, Sailor Shipping will help you to arrange your freight refrigerated shipment for you.

Flatbed Trailer
Shipping larger industrial and construction equipment, flatbed trailer carrier will provide the optimal solution with its flat or open bed trailers.

Step Deck Trailer
If a load needs to be closer to the ground to accommodate forklift loading and unloading, step decks or drop deck trailers are the best equipment for the job.

Removable Gooseneck (RGN) Trailer
Very low decks which are commonly used for hauling freight that needs to be driven onto a bigger trailer are called Removable goose neck (RGN) Trailers.