Affordable And Simple Medical Equipments And Supplies Shipping

If you are shipping medical machines cross-border and in Saudi Arabia, here are some important factors to consider. Medical machines are pretty expensive equipment, it is very important to have everything be properly packaged and transported.

We are partners with carriers that are experienced in transporting these clinical devices, equipment and supplies. Is it fragile, dense or bulky medical equipment? Our experienced freight experts can assist you in finding the best carrier and services needed for safe transport.

We recommend that you purchase a third-party insurance service. Freight insurance only includes a percentage of the actual weight cost.

Medical Equipments And Supplies Packaging For Shipping

Sensitive medical devices and machines, such as calibrated devices, usually travel in a vehicle with an air ride suspension. For those medical machines that are not as fragile or can easily be damaged while moving, LTL freight shipping is available. LTL shipments are more likely to be loaded and unloaded before they reach their destinations. Your medical equipment is going to share trucks with dozens of other items that may shift during transit. You must package and secure your shipment properly to keep your shipment safe.

We encourage you to have your medical equipment packed by a professional crating service package. Our freight experts can give you some advice on who to use. Your best bet to protect your valuable investment is a professional crating service. The crated shipment is blocked and braced to ensure that the truck does not move.

Packaging your medical machines or equipment yourself is an option. You should take some steps to make sure it’s done properly.

  • Check to the owner’s manual for any and all special instructions. do you need to remove any parts to package separately?
  • Build a custom crate to place your shipment in. Cushion the item(s) surrounded by enough packaging material, like foam. Use a pallet as the crate’s bottom for easier handling.
  • If you have an awkward shape of your machine or equipment and can not be placed in a box, secure it to a pallet. Place foam and cardboard around the entire item and after that wrap in shrink wrap.
  • Make sure the pallet does not expose parts of the pieces.
  • The value of medical machines often exceeds the liability of carriers, so we encourage all medical machine shippers to insure their shipment.

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Medical Supplies

Medical supplies is identified as all items used in the medical or clinical environment, such as containers, bandages, furniture and carts. All medical and pharmaceutical equipment are considered medical supplies as well. You must provide specific information on the cargo when you ship medical supplies. Special handling standards might be needed to apply to medical supplies. Temperature control or special treatment may be necessary.

We can also offer good practice and guidelines for loading. We can determine what classification type of the load for you, and for large volume and disposable medical supplies, It is essential to make sure that you have reliable shipping services for your medical supplies.

Contact us to develope your business with a permanently competitively advantageous shipping services if you are a medical supply manufacturer. We offer services to volume shippers through collaborations and account managers. All schedules, tracking and billing for you are covered by our services. You can also request to be managed by a dedicated sales agent.

Compating Freight Shipping Costs From Our Trusted Carriers When You Are Shipping Medical Machines, Equipments And Supplies.

We make it easy to get updated frieight shipping rates from best carrier for you, You just need to fill out our quotation form.

Make sure you have all the information you need before receiving a quote. You have to know: address of origin, is it a residential or commercial area? Is this a place of limited access? Is a lift door available or a loading dock? Is it a commercial or residential area, and destination address? Is this a place of limited access? Is a lift door or dock available for loading? Is the distribution order provided by the consignor?
Does the consignor require a call before delivery?

Does the freight require air travel or a cooling? Specialty vehicle? Are there other special circumstances required for cargo protection?
Packing, is it packed in a box or a barrel is safe. Is it on a pallet secured?
What is the total size and weight, including packaging, of theitem(s)? What about the total weight?
Freight Class, Your freight class is determined by its density and product. If you are not sure what to use, our agents will assist you on it.

In certain instances, due to the type of product the defined category may be incorrect. Until booking, a freight specialist should test the quote to ensure that it is accurate.

Once the above data is entered in the quote form, a list of generic carriers will be given details that meet your needs. Choose the carrier that is good for you for the cost, facilities and transit time. Would you like to help you decide which carrier to choose? Just give us a call. Give us a call.

Are you ready for the shipment booking? One of our freight experts will check the specifics of your delivery, You may have concerns about your delivery.

If everything looks good, the shipment details will be sent to our processing department, where it is prepared, double-checked and scheduled.