What is LTL Freight Shipping, Is It The Best Choice For My Business?

LTL freight is considered one of the best cost-effective, reliable,and efficient shipping methods for freight cargos, because the shipper is charged only for the space their cargo shipments takes up. At Sailor Shipping, The best LTL freight carriers compete to give you the best rates, saving you more money.


Why LTL Freight Shipment?

Because freight shipping is the easiest way to transport bulky  and large packages efficiently and quickly. When you don’t need a full truckload, you can save a lot of money with sailor shipping on LTL freight shipping.

We have established good relationships with the best freight carriers that compete for best cargo and shipping services on our website. Request a quote now and compare LTL freight shipping rates from many carriers and see how much you can save.

The Most Affordable & THe Easiest Method To Ship LTL Freight Shipments?

Perhaps you are concerned that you want save money by reaching out to LTL freight carriers to get LTL freight quotes directly from them. This is not always the case. because only shippers with minimum volume contracts get good deals from carriers.

That’s why LTL freight carriers discount their rates for registered and well known freight brokers and (3rd Party Logistics providers) that are big shippers in their own right and handle all dealings between the carriers and the customers.

Regardless the price, there are many reasons to consider the help of a third-party provider. LTL freight shipping can be often considered complicated. Many variables such as lanes, weight, dimensions, classification adds up to sometimes what we call a confusing process.

Logistics providers are the professionals who simplifying this process for you as a shipper. And well trained LTL freight shipping agents can sort through all the information and details to save more money for you and shorten the delivery times, so its easier for you to make the right logistics decisions. Sailor Shipping also help schedule specialized LTL freight services for your shipments.

LTL freight shipping shares truck capacity to reduce costs for shippers.
And the normal characteristics are:

  • Works for all  cargo shipments that weighs anywhere from 70kg and up.
  • Handles freight shipements which is larger than a parcel but smaller than a full truckload— (too large to take to the post office, but too small for a full truck).
  • Works for palletized shipments and crated packages, to reduce shipping rates and damage risks.
  • Generally costs less than a full truckload shipment. And the costs are determined based on a dimensional weight to increase load capacity.
  • Freight process goes through local terminals and distribution points.
  • Morning Delivered and pickups usually happen in the afternoon and/or nights.
  • Transit times usually longer than full truckload transits because of the shared payload.
  • According to the majority of shippers today is the most popular way of shipping.

Sailor Shipping agents are trained to help streamline your supply chain so you focus on the core of the business …we will take care of the shipping.

What are LTL Specialized Shipping Services?

Most LTL freight transportation carriers specialize in one or two specialized services. Sailor Shipping’s wide network of LTL freight carriers allows us to offer a large variety of specialized services;

For time-sensitive freight we offer expedited Shipping Services. Service levels include 3-day and next-day freight services.

Lifting is often needed at pick up and/or delivery locations, Our carriers will offer lifting services upon request when a forklift is required on site.

You will know when to expect the truck. and our notification services can be arranged before shipment pick up or delivery.

Clean and clear shipment handling is available for residential shipments or commercial packages. This service is best for items that need an extra set of hands or packaging experience.

First and and extra mile services include more than just freight pick up or delivery. We offer inside pickup, packaging and stair carries, and more for first mile services. And inside delivery is also available as a final mile service as well as removal of packaging materials, assembly or special setup.

Limited Access Pick Ups/Deliveries are offered where locations or destinations which restrict trucks from entering some residential areas, construction sites, schools and government facilities. we also works with carriers equipped to entering access to such locations.

Hazardous Materials may include and not limited to, Fuels, Bio-Chemicals, and Pharmaceuticals. We will help you with out specialized carriers that handle hazmat transportation.

Guaranteed Services are both date- and time-specific for pick up or delivery, guaranteed within a specific time window. Speak with our Freight Agents to arrange shipment with a carrier that offers such guarantees.