Sailor Shipping team always working around the clock to ensure undisturbed supply chains for our shipping customers, every time. Every package, regardless of origin country, cargo journey or destination country, takes its turn on time and eventually for every land freight load.

Land transport may not have the smoothness and speed of air and sea and maritime freight, but road  transport is the solution we turn to when we need the job finished. It’s steady and flexible, safe and well planned; it’s the win-win of intermodal freight.

Nature always had its rules over air freight and sea freight—the winds and tides are changing and con not always be in favor to even the best plans—Its not the same for land freight.  The plan, processing, and maintenance of wide-spread networks of roads and railways, Very old routes, built to be able to reach the most remote destinations, is an amazing achievement for the new generations of freight heavy load trucks.

We Offer the Following Land Freight Services

If you ship a full truckload, your freight shipment will be the only freight load in the truck. From the time of the pickup, the truck’s only job is to get to your freight’s intended destination.

LTL (Less Than Truckload)
If you ship an LTL freight load, you are sharing space (and cost) with others. This means your shipment headed to Riyadh could end up transported with other companies’ shipments to cities in several territories, like Jeddah for example, before finally reaching Riyadh. The whole truck load is unloaded at each intermittent destination, thus increasing transoportation time and risk for damage by handling.

In freight forwarding, the term drayage is most commonly used to refer to the trucking service from an sea port to a warehouse or diffirent destination.

Advantages of Land Freight

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Comparatively low packing and fuel costs.
  • Versatility: Able to handle short or long hauls, local or across borders of neighboring countries, even in rural areas.
  • Preparedness: A single customs document process makes for relatively seamless cross-border transport of goods.
  • Predictability: Scheduled delivery, easily track and trace cargo.
  • Convenience ; Discretion: Door-to-door service—need we say more? Goods can also be kept secure and private.
  • Flexibility: Extensive road networks make rushed delivery possible.